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Pass Line bets combined with Odds are the best bet combination in craps. They feature the lowest house edge, but the players do not have to play this way exclusively. Ultimately, the game should bring satisfaction, and variety is necessary for this.

If you do not pursue the goal to play by the most profitable strategy, you can bet Place for 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 at any stage of the game.

Moreover, Place bets on some numbers are also very beneficial for the player.

How to Make Place Bets in Craps

Craps table features fields with numbers, where you can make Place. You can bet on any of these fields at any time of the game. These bets are especially loved by those who track the shooters throwing repeating scores.

  1. To place this bet, you have to put the chips at the center of the table and call out the number to the dealer.
  2. Then the dealer moves your chips to the selected number.

Remember, you can not do it yourself. Only the dealer can operate Place bets.

He puts your chips on the side of the table where you play. This lets him control the situation and know who to pay winnings if several players bet on the same number.

  • Once you have placed a bet on a specific number, you must roll it before 7. In that case, you win.
  • If the shooter rolls 7 earlier, your bet loses.

The dealer will move your payoff if you win, but the initial bet will remain on the table until you roll 7. However, you can always ask the dealer to remove the bet and return it to you. You can collect the Place bet at any time before it loses. If the shooter hits the point and starts the Come Out Roll, the Place bet is still in place. However, such bets do not play during the Come Out Roll at some casinos unless you ask about that.

Place Bets Payouts in Craps

Let's turn our attention to the following table showing payments by Place, a real chance to win, and the house edge for each.

Number Payout Real Odds THouse Edge
4 9:5 2:1 6.67%
5 7:5 3:2 4.0%
6 7:6 6:5 1.52%
8 7:6 6:5 1.52%
9 7:5 3:2 4.0%
10 9:5 2:1 6.67%

Let's talk about each score to sort out all the numbers.

Real chances to roll 6 or 8 are 6:5, but payouts are made in the 7:6 ratio. You should place a 6-fold bet on these numbers. If you bet Place on these numbers, the house edge is about 1.5%, making them the best of their kind and one of the best in the game.

Betting on 5 or 9, you should understand that chances of these numbers are 3:2, but the payout is 7:5. Therefore, you should place 5-fold bets. The house edge for bets on 5 or 9 is rising to 4%.

The worse numbers for the player among the Place bets are 4 and 10. They are paid 9:5, but a real chance to roll it is 2:1. This makes the house edge equal to 6.67%. Place bets on 4 and 10 should be a multiple of five.

Buy Bets

Also, you can place the Buy bet on particular numbers, which means a 5% fee. If you play at the casino where the lowest chip equals 1$, you have to pay at least that much. Therefore, it makes no sense to stake under 20$. We will not get into details of the Buy bets; compare them to the Place bets on some numbers.

Generally, these bets are not recommended to the players, but in some cases, they are preferable to the Place. For example, if you bet over 10$, the Buy bet on 4 or 10 is more profitable than the Place on the same numbers. The matter is that it is paid 2:1 instead of 9:5. Besides, some casinos charge the fee only for a win, so check with the dealer and try to choose casinos with such terms.

The Buy bet is no longer reasonable if we talk about 6 and 8. The house edge will be higher due to the commission.

Hopefully, these tips will help you better understand these types of bets.

Frequently asked Questions

🎲 What is the Place bet in craps?

This is one of numerous craps bets. You can place it on particular numbers.

👌 Do Place bets feature a high house edge?

Depending on the number and odds, the house edge varies between 1.5% and over 6%.

👍 Are the Place bets accepted in all kinds of craps in New Zealand?

Yes, these are classic bets, provided by traditional rules. Check the nuances at the table.

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