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This article may displease many current and former casino employees (especially the dealers), but the author has been working in the gaming industry for a long time, so he feels entitled to express his thoughts on this matter.

Let's discuss the following:

  • How well aware are the dealers of the nuances of certain games.
  • Does it make sense to listen to their advice, even if they are your good friends and you are sure of their sincerity?
  • Can they play casino games professionally being on the other side of the table?

In general, it is not about recommendations you can get from dealers during the game, but their competence in general.

So let's begin.

How professional are the dealers?

Gambling has been legal for a relatively short time in many countries. That's why the inner working of the casino remains somewhat mysterious for many people. Moreover, dealers are still associated with some type of legalized cheaters.

It is widely believed that they are able to do wonders with the cards, hit almost any number on the roulette wheel, and play all casino games brilliantly.

Saying, for this reason, they are usually not allowed in the gambling houses.

Let's start with the fact that the common dealer training used to be a couple of months, after which they proceeded to work as interns, and after a month or two became full-time dealers. We won't say it used to be like that at all casinos worldwide, with no exceptions, but this situation was pretty typical.

During this time, the recruits were taught the basics of the most popular casino games, the technique of work with cards, roulette, and chips. Moreover, their mentors often were yesterday's croupiers who haven't been working long enough to be called professionals. Flaws of such training didn't make waiting:

  • Numerous mistakes are made by dealers in the simplest gaming situations.
  • Lack of communication skills.
  • Lack of adequate psychological preparation and other issues.

Meanwhile, more or less experienced dealers, surrounded by rookies, quickly developed a fairly inflated ego. Without reading a single book written by a professional, having no experience of the successful game on the other side of the table, they allowed themselves advising others, doing so as if they were gurus.

Of course, their recommendations were often more harmful than helpful.

You should be able to distinguish the skills of a professional player and the art of dealing the cards.

Knowledge of all details of the game rules is only the first step towards being an expert in blackjack or poker. At the same time, it is enough for a successful career as a dealer, along with good technique and pleasant manners. For this reason, most dealers stop in development as soon as they reach a certain level of professional skills.

Of course, we do not deny that many former dealers became great experts in certain games.

Typically, these people are passionate about casino games and have all qualities necessary for a successful player.

But you can be sure that even working in the casino, they will not give advice. They know the value of this information.


Here are at least 3 reasons to ignore the dealer's advice:

  1. Lack of professionalism – dealer, artfully working with cards, chips, or roulette ball, isn't necessarily a pro player. Only a few of thousands of dealers really understand blackjack or video poker basic strategies, are familiar with card counting principles and can pick the most profitable slot.
  2. Insincerity – dealers won't be 100% honest with you, as they usually are directly or indirectly interested in your loss. Even if their paycheck is fixed, they may get bonuses for good casino profit. Of course, you could buy their favor by making tips, but is it worth the hassle?
  3. Prejudice – many dealers are extremely superstitious. Being in constant contact with players and direct involvement in casino games makes them believe in myths and signs. Giving advice, they share their own delusions. This won't help you win at the casino.

If you are going to play a particular game regularly and do it successfully, study it. Master the basic strategy, read some books, do not forget about articles at Casinoz, and practice all the time. In this case, you won't need the advice of doubtful experts.

Frequently asked Questions

Are all the casino dealers professional players?

No. Many dealers only have the necessary skills for their job.

Do dealers play in casinos?

Many dealers indeed love to visit a casino. However, they are often not allowed.

Can a dealer give useful advice to the player?

Of course. Even if the casino management doesn't encourage such an attitude, many croupiers love to advise players.

Is it worth taking the dealer's advice?

Take a note but rely on your own knowledge and skills.

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