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Many online players like to write reviews of online casinos where they had a chance to play. They do it on the niche sites, their personal blogs or specialized forums. At Casinoz, you can do it in the section Casinos with reviews of each casino.

Why read reviews about casinos?

This is a very useful thing, because it says the whole truth about the casino that you will not read on his official website. It is the only way a new player can learn about quality of support, pitfalls at wagering, t complications in withdrawal of wins, and so on.

Of course, most of unfair reviews are distressed messages of losing customers, custom praise or just useless emotional statements. But it all helps to make an overall picture, especially if you are not sure about the casinos and it's services.

What to write a casino review?

If you want to write a review about online casinos, try to make sure that the information you want to share with a reader is interesting. Statements like "I won two hundred bucks and lost them for ten minutes - they are cheaters" or "it's a good casino, I recommend it to everyone" will unlikely be taken seriously.

People need an onion proved by facts.Everyone knows that you can lose in a casino, so your complaint would cause only a smirk. If you are overwhelmed with emotions, write a review in a text editor, read it in a couple of hours (or better, the next day), and only then publish it on a website, if you still have the desire to do it.

Think as a reader. Think about what you are interested in playing in the casino. Then associate it with the fact that you were going to write and discard the rest.

Not need to list the obvious facts that any casino visitor can read on their own (better give a link). It's much more interesting for a reader how quickly the administration gives bonuses, makes payments, responds to complaints. You can back up their words with quotations from the correspondence with the customer support if it has interesting information.

All this will add liveliness to your review and makes it not only useful, but also fun.

How to write a casino review?

Remember about the size of your review. Long message will be read to the end only if it carries very interesting information. So do not hesitate to throw away all the rest.

To make your review more easy to read, you can use the lists. This way, it will be more structured.

Follow literacy, use only well-known terms. Some players and aspiring professionals use highly specialized words forgetting that the real expert can present to any reader even the most difficult topic.

Honesty and fairness of judgments

Finally I want to remind everyone to leave a review about the casino so that your judgment is fair. No need to vent anger over the loss using the blatant lies. This will not punish the casino, and other users who read your message may never become customers of a good casino.

Please send us your comments about the casino reviews in the correspondingsection of Casinoz.

You can start right away with the 5 most interesting casino reviews: Europa, 888, Eurogrand, Spin Palace, EU casino.

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