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In this article, we will not consider existing tournaments for different types of games held by most casinos. We will also not focus on specific types of tournaments games. We will discuss various nuances of such events and issues you should find out before you decide to participate in them. This is especially important if you are going to play in a real casino located in another city or even country. Agree, it would be extremely frustrating to come that far to find out that tournament conditions do not suit you perfectly.

So do not trust advertisements distributed by gambling establishments, do not rely on reviews of other participants, and better not be lazy to specify all details concerning the conditions of the upcoming tournament. This will save you from disappointment and even hassle associated with unforeseen circumstances.


Before submitting an application to participate in any tournament in craps, poker, blackjack or other games, be sure to read the rules. They should be ready by the beginning of the campaign. Key questions you should clarify from the organizers, are as follows. What is the minimum bet? What is required of the players? If they are talking about it evasively and uncertainly, promising to clarify details at the start of the tournament, better keep out of it.

Cost of the participation

If the tournament is declared free, ask what it means. Perhaps, this definition does not correspond to reality. In most cases, even free tournaments requires a player to pay his own money. On the other hand, totally free tournaments are often not worth spending your time.

Size of the prize

Remember, if you pay for the tournament, most of the money should go back to players in the form of prize money. A good casino holds various tournaments not for the sake of profit from them, but for attracting new customers and creating advertising. Sometimes tournaments are even unprofitable for them, especially free ones. So do not expect big prizes. Therefore, verify, whether it has a guaranteed prize, and how much you can win, and then decide for yourself whether you should spend time and money to participate in this tournament.

Number of participants

Be sure to check whether there is a minimum and maximum number of participants for the tournament. Ask how many people have already registered to participate in it. This will allow you to make the utmost idea ofIR's prestige. Also find out how the prize money will be distributed, and whether the number of participants affects the size of winning amount.

Duration if the tournament

Some tournaments last couple of hours, while others are stretched into weeks. You should clarify this point in the beginning, especially if playing in the casino is not your main occupation. After all, it would be incredibly annoying to refuse further participation in the tournament only because you should get back to work. Moreover, prolonged duration of the tournament requires additional costs you should also be prepared for.

It means you should not immediately accept the invitation to participate in a tournament, especially if you did not participate in them before. First, get all necessary information about it, think about all the positives and only then decide.

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