Pinball Roulette Review

Any user of a Windows operating system is familiar with the game of pinball, and recently experts of the company Playtech decided to combine this simple, but great fun with a roulette. This way Pinball Roulette was born, it is being offered to visitors of some casino, that use software from this manufacturer.

As you know, in all the main types of roulette (American, European, French, and some others) gaming wheel is present, the track, where the ball runs. In this way numbers are being determined, updated by winning ones. It would seem that this is a fundamental rule, without which the roulette is not possible. However the developers of Playtech have an other opinion.

Game Description

The main difference between invented by them variety of roulette is that there is no wheel in it, and the winning numbers are generated by the same pinball, a game in which a huge number of office employees spend work time when they a bored.

Marking of the game table in the Pinball Roulette is absolutely identical to that used in traditional European roulette, with its common one zero and the usual sequence of numbers. Also there is no difference in types of bets and their location on the field. For fans of the game "to the neighbors," such an opportunity is specifically provided.

Playing the game

Playgame is usual: the player bets and clicks Bet. After that, a game table, that previously held almost the entire screen is significantly reduced in size and stays on the right and on the foreground pinball is coming. Next steps are very similar to that what can be seen in the standard Windows gaming applicatios, although the design and animation, of course, vary considerably.

As usually, the special piston runs the ball, after which it begins to fall down, bumping into all sorts of obstacles. Some of them function as normal varrier from which the ball bounces on the way. Others are more active and push it in different directions. These actions lead to the fact that even approximately calculate the trajectory of the ball is almost impossible.

At the bottom there is a row of pinball cells with numbers matching the numbers on the roulette wheel. Eventually, the ball falls into one of these cells. This series of numbers is in constant motion, which further complicates the prediction of the number that could fall. Cell number, where turned out to be the ball, is declared a winner one, then the losing bets are being removed from the field and won being paid.

Additional features

Double. The player who has received the payment, has the ability to put it on the line immediately and try to increase it several times in the supplemental round (this function is clearly borrowed from the gaming machines). To do this, click Double. This game is not mandatory, and you can not refuse from it. It is carried out on another pinball obstacles which act as multipliers win. If the ball hits the obstacle, the gain is multiplied by the corresponding number of times. But to obtain it the ball should fall into the winning zone, otherwise the bet is lost. Maximum level of winnings can be up to five times, but there is also the likelihood of the bonus run, during which the rate can bring the player to a tenfold reward.

Turbo Bet. Also in Pinball Roulette you can see some of the features that are typical for the majority of roulette from the company Playtech. By selecting Turbo Bet, the player doesn't have to monitor the flight of the ball, and after pressing the Bet he immediately sees the outcome. It is unlikely that many fans of pinball roulette will use her because the main advantage of this version of the game lies in the mechanism of pinball and watching how the ball runs.

Auto Bet. Auto games allows users to play pinball roulette for one, two, five or ten rounds at the same rate.

Casinos that offer the game

Play Pinball Roulette you can almost in all casinos that use the Playtech software. As one of the best options for the game portal Casinoz recommends Casino Tropez , which, moreover, is translated into Russian.

8.13 /10
Pinball Roulette
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