Mule Britannia Review

If you know something about ancient history and except of the rest are the customer of an online casino, you can become inspired even by a fruit slot machine. The Roman emperor Caligula, who could definitely become the greatest, although corrupted player on fruit slots of his time, had a horse named Incitatus, which was appointed to the position of senator. It was his favorite horse, which has gone down in history as an example of despotism. Actually, it the original source of the expression «knight’s move». It is used when some post is given to a person, which is absolutely unsuitable by his skills, or just in case when the boss makes crazy instructions to everybody.

In particularity, this horse has a stable made of marble with part of gold, pearl and ebony. The horse had its servants and was living in the palace. He was even married on a horse named Penelope. It is how sweet was life of a simple horse. Exactly this story has inspired the developers of Microgaming company, which have presented it in a British way, so you are going to see a horse with a British flag. A horse born in wonderful town Blackpool tries to gain love of the public playing the part of British ambassador.

8.50 /10
Mule Britannia
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Where to Play Mule Britannia pokie?

Play Free Demo Mule Britannia slot

You can play Mule Britannia slot machine in Crazy Vegas online casino. Make a knight’s move and change your life die to high payoffs in the online casino.

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How to Play Mule Britannia pokie

Mule Britannia is a three reeled online slot machine with only one pay line, which can be compared with one of slot machines with a bright graphics in kitsch style.

This game is provided with an excellent sound, as well as with numerous gaming options, typical for pub-slots. Among them you can find nudges, holds and gambling features.

You can stake from ten cents to ten dollars per spin. There are totally nine different winning combinations in this game. This slot machine, devoted to the pleasant topic, would help you to earn quite good payoffs.

At some of the symbols you would see numbers, which trigger an option with prize balls (it is situated at the right side of the screen. You can see Trail Held capture under the balls). Your winning increases accordingly to the dropped number. It is quite exciting to follow this prize track.

Mule Britannia has become one of the funniest online slot machines based on the interesting story. If you want to play a ridiculous game, which can be countered with a serious game, you have made a right choice. This easy and colorful online slot machine would give you what you need.

Mule Britannia Symbols, Wild, Scatter

Among the gaming symbols, which you can see at the screen of Mule Britannia slot machine, you can find fruits, as it is common for fruit slots. There are lemons, oranges and cherries. Moreover, some «beach» symbols were added to the main range, such as an image of ice-cream, a bucket, mudpie and of course the horse.

Mule Britannia Bonus games

To trigger the bonus round of Mule Britannia slot machine you would have to fill the prize track, which is situated at right to the reels. The bonus game, which takes place at the second screen, is incredibly simple. To play it, you just have to stop a flash-meter and you see a multiplier, which you get in this game.

There is a plenty of bonus options, available in Mule Britannia slot machine. Let’s check it out.

At the second screen you can see the horse, haughty sitting in an armchair surrounded by a plenty of all possible options. Here you can find description of different features, available in this online game:

  • Mule Britannia - here you get a series of winning spins. All the winning are summarized until the bonus option is finished. The horse has to try this option as soon as possible!
  • Cachimuc Maximus - three values of a possible multiplier are lighten up at the screen before they disappear and take places of others. Use this skill to find out which prize is the best and click at Hold button to get this prize!
  • KIss Me Quick - use this option to receive as many nudges as it is possible! Playing this bonus option, you go back to the main interface, where auto nudges determine the largest winning for you. Please remember that more nudges you have, higher your winning is!
  • Blackpool Rocks - here you go back to the main interface and side reels start blinking clockwise. Click at Stop button to make this blinking slowly until it finally stops. You receive a symbol at which it stops.
  • Bug Dipper - playing in this bonus option, you go back to the main screen and following a session of winning spins. Here you should choose the most beneficial winning, but please don’t wait too long, it is not going to last forever.
  • SandBlaster - click at Stop button to select one of changing options. It is knockout game and you can’t save previous values anymore if you go to the following, so please be careful.
  • Holiday Money - in this bonus option you would have to choose the highest payoff index.
  • Nice Ass - words «Nice» and «Ass» would appear at the screen one after another. Click at Nice to increase your winning. However, if you click Ass three times at once, you would be granted with a prize.
  • Mule will be Lucky - if you get this option, you go back to the main game and receive a good prize there.
  • Saddle Up - nine symbols at the reels would blink each ofter each at the screen, while you have to click at Stop button to stop blinking at some symbol. Exactly this symbol is your prize!

Except of this list of bonus options, which can be easily converted to the real cash, you can see another one below:

  • No Lose - get this bonus playing which nobody can lose. It can be higher or lower, but you would get a prize anyway!
  • Extra Life - you can get this bonus are the reel with numbers. When it is activated, you can’t lose. But please be aware that you can enjoy these benefits only until you lose in Hi/Lo gambling feature, which can be also found at the second screen of the bonus game.
  • No Lose Streak - here you can get the bonus at the reels. When it is triggered, you can receive two gambling features without loss. No matter which of the options you choose - higher or lower.

Actually, Mule Britannia is a multifaceted game and the winning options can be exchanged for nudges and cash. Entering this mode you seems to be always playing in the gambling feature. It is almost impossible to describe all the nuances of this game here. You just have to play this free online slot machine, train a bit and you understand all the advantages of this game.


An amount of the jackpot of Mule Britannia slot machine is one thousand coins. The highest payoff of this game is provided by combination made of three symbols with image of a mule. The second prize is 250 coins.

Mule Britannia Interface

Mule Britannia slot machine is provided with a very bright and colorful interface. Here you can see a mule at the beach with a lifesaver with British symbols. The scene takes place at the beach.

At one side you can see numbers, which help in the nudges gambling feature. Here you can also see Nudges options, available in this game, such as Nudge Now (for immediate nudge), Nudge Bank Held (nudges, held in bank), Repeat Nudge (repeated nudge), Gamble Nudge (the gambling feature for nudges). Nudges can get into the bank if you refuse  Nudge now option and continue spinning the reels. Perhaps, you see that Nudge is not going to bring you a winning combination (you can understand it due to arrows in the top part of the reels: clicking at them, you can see the following symbol). Repeat Nudge repeats the nudge, while Gamble Nudge plays it out. The numbers in the top part of the screen start blinking each ofter each. You should click at Stop button to find out how many nudges you win. However, there is Lose capture except of numbers from one to four, which is also lighten up and you can lose your bet.

At the other side you would see balls of the bonus options, while the payment table in situated under the reels.

There are following functional buttons in the bottom:

  • +/- - control the value of coins.
  • Spin - start a new spin.
  • View Feature - look through the bonus option (here you can see, how the second screen looks).

Nudge and Hold buttons appear under the reels time after time, which are triggered randomly.  

Should You Play Mule Britannia Slot for Real Money in New Zealand?

A part of humor in a slot machine is its extra advantage. Playing such slot machines is pleasant and interesting. You are going to be excited by the gameplay, that’s why we offer you to download Mule Britannia slot machine free or test it without registration right in a browser.

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