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No matter how expert casino customers are, a casino with competent management is profitable thanks to a mathematical advantage mortgaged in almost all games. Other articles on Casinoz described where it comes from in detail.

Thus, to reduce losses to a minimum, you must choose games with the highest paybacks and avoid severe mistakes.

Gamblers' Costly Mistakes

The most expensive of them are described below.

Gambling without a Plan

Going to the casino, think about what and how long you will be there. If you start chaotically rushing from pokies to roulette and from roulette to poker, you probably enter into a tilt and will not notice how all the money will turn into cash.

Sketch in mind a plan if visiting a gambling club. This will help you keep yourself in hand.

Ignorance of Games Rules

Even if you come to a casino to have fun, do not bet money on games with rules and strategies you do not understand.

Play games where you do not have to make hard decisions, like pokie machines or roulette. It will be cheaper than trying to pose yourself as an expert in blackjack.

Trying to Win Back at Any Cost

Fortune is very deceptive. She can lead you astray, making you believe she will smile at you, and you will return the lost money and even win much.

Do not let Lady Luck fool you.

Did you lose the amount you planned to spend in one evening? Enough - it's time to go home.

Making Bets with Low RTP

Yes, bets can be good and bad. Moreover, there are disgusting bets, such as the bet on a tie in baccarat. Take time to find information about bets in different casino games that are the most beneficial.

You will find it in any craps or French roulette. We recommend blackjack and video poker because they require primary theoretical and practical skills.

Poor Bankroll Management

Bankroll management means the way you manage your money in casinos. 

You must know how much you can spend, the range of bets, the winning to stop, etc.

Refusing to Take Comps

You may find it strange, but many people refuse to use club cards, providing various benefits.

  • Some believe that casinos lure them into their networks.
  • Others do not want a wife to find it.
  • Others are too proud.

Do not repeat their mistakes. Reputable casinos delight customers with many benefits: prizes, bonuses, returning losses, etc.

Casino Bonuses Editors rating
100% to 1000 USD x35 Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+
125% to 80 USD x35 Play T&C applies, 18+
100% to 400 USD x50 Play T&C applies, 18+

Playing for too Long

It is essential to understand the following:

Casinos have a house edge over you in all games. The theoretical loss grows the longer you play, the more you bet, and the larger is the total bet.

Treat gambling as entertainment you pay for. If you have come to enjoy the process and start feeling bored, pause. Why would you spend money on something that is not a pleasure?

Incapacity to Leave with Wins

Not all casino customers can take the win and leave quietly. Most think that they must be even luckier. As a result, many of them stay, resulting in easily predictable consequences.

Playing on Credit

If you carefully read the above, you understand that you can not play in debt. If you lose the borrowed money, it will only exacerbate the situation. And if you manage to win back, it would set a dangerous precedent for you.

You will think that you can do that in the future, and it will inevitably collapse for you sooner or later.

Drinking Alcohol at Casinos

It would be best not to drink alcoholic beverages while visiting a casino. Why? There are thousands of articles about it, but they do not seem to have had the slightest impact on the millions of players. Nevertheless, we could not include this item in our list, although we know that people will continue to drink during the game.

If you want to follow their example - it is your choice. You also know the consequences.


We hope our recommendations will not be wasted and will help you avoid significant losses.

Do you want to add anything to the list? Do you have any questions? Do not be shy to share your opinions with us.

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Frequently asked Questions

🎰 What casino games are the simplest?

If you make your first steps in gambling, play pokies or roulette. It is almost impossible to make costly mistakes in them. Anyway, first, read Casinoz articles for beginners.

🎁 Should I claim casino bonuses?

Online casinos offer many bonuses and promotions. Not all of them are profitable for clients. Read reviews on Casinoz. The articles explain what bonuses are the best.

🍾 Can I drink alcoholic beverages when playing at casinos?

Casinos will be glad if you do, but we strongly recommend that you don't. Alcohol pushes you to make costly mistakes. 

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