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The legendary Stratosphere Casino is considered to be one of the key attractions of Las Vegas. Virtually all billboards of Las Vegas Strip and photos with views of the boulevard in Sin City use the Stratosphere observation tower as the background. Even now, when Las Vegas is filled with luxurious establishments that offer unique features, Stratosphere remains one of the most desirable tourist destinations.

Stratosphere Hotel & Casino is located in the northern part of the famous Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas, Nevada). The main feature of this gambling establishment is the 350-meter tower. The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States and the second-tallest tower in the Western Hemisphere. It is surpassed only by the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario.


Stratosphere is a 24-storey building with 2,417 hotel rooms and a 7,400-square-meter casino. Stratosphere Las Vegas is owned by American Casino & Entertainment Properties.

Stratosphere is the northernmost casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Due to the unusually tall observation tower, this establishment may offer visitors unforgettable high-altitude amusement rides and entertainment.


In the late eighties, Bob Stupak, the legendary gambler and owner of the World Series of Poker bracelet and several casinos, wanted to build an unusual gambling establishment as an alternative to his own Vegas World. Initially, he intended to create something like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but he could not afford to build a broad base because of a small area. Bob searched for solutions and contacted an engineering firm in Texas, designing radio transmission towers.

Ned Baldwin, the creator of the CN Tower in Toronto, assembled a team of local architects to evolve the design of the Stratosphere Tower project. The initial design of the tower included the construction of the 553-meters tower, making it the tallest building in the world. However the presence of the nearby international airport forced the architect to reduce the height to the current 350 meters.

In August 1993, the observation tower caught fire while being under construction. Fortunately, nobody was injured, but the repairs led to delay of the casino opening.

Stratosphere Las Vegas officially started its operations on April 30, 1996. Shortly after the opening, Stratosphere Corporation became bankrupt, freezing construction of the second tower. Carl Icahn, the owner of Icahn Enterprises L.P Holding that is known as American Real Estate Partners, acquired this property.


Since Stratosphere is located far from the famous Las Vegas Strip, it is much less popular than it is supposed to be. However low accommodation prices, unique amusement rides, and attractive gambling-related offers have made it successful.

The casino occupies 7,400 square meters and offers fifty gaming tables, fifteen hundred video slots and poker slots, poker room, and sports betting to customers. There are various table games: craps, several variations of blackjack, three card poker, pai gow poker, mini baccarat, etc. The administration holds daily No-Limit Texas Hold'em tournaments.

Stratosphere pleases visitors with unique incentive programs, bonuses and discounts, standing out against the background of other gambling houses in Las Vegas.


At the top of the Stratosphere Tower users can find an observation deck, revolving restaurant, and some unforgettable thrill rides.

  • SkyJump Las Vegas was opened in 2010. It allows thrill-seekers to jump from the top of the Stratosphere Tower (108 floors, 261 m) and get a lot of pleasure from the free fall. Those who decide to jump should wear a special jump suit. To make it safe, it is attached to the descender machine.

  • The Big Shot is the highest amusement ride. It is formed by the chairs that slide along the vertical tower. This amusement ride is situated at the height of 329 meters.
  • The carousel called Insanity the Ride was opened in 2005. It is located at the height of 274 meters. The amusement ride has a star-shaped design. Riders are fixed. Insanity the Ride spins visitors outside the tower at more than sixty kilometers per hour. Bold visitors of Insanity the Ride can see the ground from the height of approximately 280 meters.
  • X-SCREAM is located at the height of 264 meters and is considered to be the third largest thrill ride.
  • The High Roller was located at the height of 277 meters. It used to be the highest roller coaster in the world. This amusement ride was closed on December 30, 2005.

The entertainment complex has a large shopping mall, comedy club, and Knopf Fine Art Photography Gallery. A 360-degree rotating restaurant called Top of the World is considered to be one of the attractions of the complex. Visitors can enjoy a great panoramic view of Las Vegas.


Not all gambling establishments in Las Vegas have been able to withstand the tough competition and the test of time. Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel & Casino has recently celebrated the 20th anniversary. It is still staying afloat and attracts numerous visitors, earning a considerable profit.

This gambling house has been serving as the hallmark of Las Vegas over many years. It should be attended even by those who are not used to spending large amounts on gambling. If you visit the capital of gambling, you should gamble at Stratosphere.

We ask all readers of Casinoz who have visited this casino to share their experience and tell us about the quality of provided services.

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