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In 2013, the administration of Crown Casino in Melbourne experienced personally that modern scammers did not have anything in common with trivial cheaters who marked cards or showed special signs to each other. This popular Australian gambling house lost more than thirty million dollars, becoming a victim of the high-tech scam.

It is interesting to note that the criminals used the video surveillance system of the casino, designed to combat any manifestations of cheating. This cool story resembles the heist film Ocean's Eleven starring several Hollywood celebrities.

Our article describes all the details of this scam. It is worth noting that the administration of the casino did not share its information, so a lot of facts were kept in secret.


Let's start with the fact that the name of the scammer, who visited Crown Casino that day, is not publicly available. Apparently, his guilt was not proved or it is possible that the administration of the casino could somehow agree with him. It is known that he was not a citizen of Australia and gambled with his family.

We can only presume that he had accomplices, since this scam required the participation of assistants. Probably, some casino employees were his accomplices, though there were no exact data.

Details of the Scam

As mentioned above, the casino security service was cheated from an unexpected side. Certainly, having installed modern video surveillance cameras with high resolution, the owners of the gambling facility do not expect that top-class devices can help fraudsters to deprive them of millions of dollars.

The administration became suspicious when an unknown gambler, making huge bets on eight boxes in the VIP hall, began to win almost every time. Virtually all his decisions during the gameplay were correct.

Having analyzed the situation, they realized that the customer did not act at random. But how could he collect the information that helped him to become so successful? It was possible to find this out later, when the gambler took money and left the casino.

The investigation allowed the experts to come to the conclusion that scammers had managed to hack the video surveillance system. In other words, they had been able to watch the gameplay via the cameras installed above the tables.

The accomplices of the gambler probably transmitted him information about the current situation on the table via a tiny microphone. So, he could make the right decisions and act depending on the situation.

If you think that it is difficult to hack casino computers, you are mistaken. The expert on gambling Barron Stringfellow reported in an interview to ABC Melbourne that

The trouble with many casinos is that they think they cannot be defeated. But we are convinced of the opposite again and again. It is very easy to intercept the signal from many casinos that are not careful enough.

The official representative of the gambling house was laconic:

Employees of the video surveillance service of Crown Casino have recently reported on problems associated with the sophisticated betting fraud. The investigation has been launched.

And what's next?

Investigation and Consequences

The journalists managed to find out that the Crown Casino administration had involved police officers in the investigation. However they did not officially apply to investigate this fraud.

According to information published by the local media, the customer did not even think about escaping. He quietly cashed the chips and returned to his room worth more than one thousand dollars per night, where his family was waiting for him. It is said that the whole family was forced to wake up in the middle of the night and they were expelled from the hotel. Then they left Australia.

It was difficult to say whether the casino managed to get back its money. However it is known that he was forbidden to visit Crown Casino. In addition, the employee of the VIP hall, who was considered partly guilty that the scam had turned out to be successful, was fired.


There is no relevant news on this issue. The most recent articles in the Australian media sources were published in 2013. Probably, the history is over. If we find any additional information, we will definitely let you know.

By the way, some people believe that this story is fictitious. If the casino had evidence of fraud, why there was no trial! Did the both parties manage to agree? There are a lot of questions.

And what do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.

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