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Card counting in blackjack is a quite controversial method, so that the attitude of gamblers to it varies significantly. Most professional players find it quite legal. They believe that card counting enables them to achieve the maximum results using knowledge and skills. Casino managers who believe that card counting in blackjack is a crime that deserves severe punishment absolutely disagree.

The portal Casinoz firmly believes that gamblers cannot be chased for the actions that do not break the rules of the gambling facility and rely solely on their skills.

However that's another pair of shoes if a customer uses fraudulent tricks while playing blackjack. For example, if he or she uses an electronic device to perform calculations or even make an agreement with dealers. This seems to be an obvious scam and should be categorically prevented by all possible means.

One of such cases, occurred in the USA several years ago, is discussed in our article.


The protagonist of this story is Phuong Quoc Truong. He is also known as Pai Gow John.

In 2011, security officers of one of the San Diego casinos paid their attention to his manner of playing blackjack. They watched video recordings and noticed that the guy was cheating.

It was clearly visible how Phuong was smoking, sitting at the blackjack table and was whispering something into the microphone hidden in his sleeve. This confirmed that he did not work alone but together with his accomplices.

The case was transferred to the local branch of the gambling commission, which confirmed the fraud and arrested the card cheater.

What Did They Do?

The police got the criminal to talk, elucidating the scheme of the elaborate scam. It turned out that not only casino customers but also casino dealers were among his accomplices. In the attached video you can see how one of them is dealing cards.

The pre-trained dealer collected the cards in a certain order and did not shuffle the deck, only creating an illusion of shuffling. At the same time, he acted as realistically as possible, trying even to imitate the sound of shuffling.

Then he dealt cards on the boxes, and after that our smoker controlled the entire process. He knew what cards would come up next and made secret signals to the members of the gang:

  • One finger on a cigarette pack meant that it was necessary to hit;
  • Two fingers implied that it was necessary to stand.

The fraudsters acted very professionally and in a well-orchestrated manner, deceiving the casino for a long. The administration suspected that something was going wrong when one of the gang members acted imprudently and hit in a disadvantageous situation.

Arrest and Investigation

In that fatal evening, the scammers were arrested while attempting to cash out twenty-five thousand dollars. Both gamblers and recruited dealers were arrested.

The investigation figured out that the gang had earned over seven million dollars in twenty-five casinos located in several states. The card-cheating ring agents found a dealer who was willing to cooperate and then trained him in a special way. A good selection of croupiers was the basic criterion of success, and the cheaters were caught red-handed due to the inept actions of the gang leader.

Over thirty members of the criminal rings were arrested. They were sentenced to either monetary penalties or to jail terms. A Porsche car, a Rolex watch, two houses in the neighborhood of San Diego, and other valuable goods were seized.


The casinos always attract people who try to cheat dealers, pit bosses, managers, and security officers. You may think that they don't affect you, since fraudulent activities focus on the gambling facilities.

In fact, if the casino suspected all its customers, the quality of service would certainly change for the worse. Therefore, we should not admire the artfulness of cheaters, because they negatively affect the entire gambling industry.

We also want to add that gambling at reliable online casinos will prevent you from possible encounters with such characters. You will be able to wager real money or gamble for fun in free mode at home or any other convenient place.

Have you ever faced card cheaters at casinos? We are looking forward to seeing stories about your personal experience. Share your impression of our article.

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