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Megabucks is a slot machine with a progressive jackpot, combined into a single network and covering casinos in several U.S. states. Owner and operator of this network is International Game Technology, better known by its abbreviation IGT.

Megabucks slot an alternative to state lotteries and is incredibly popular among Americans. Actually, there is a perception that IGT released it to compete with lotteries. Throughout its history, which began in the early eighties of the twentieth century, this slot made several dozen players millionaires.

Thanks to thoroughly constructed advertising company, each jackpot in Megabucks has a considerable size and causes a real buzz in the gambling public. And every win is widely covered in the media, drawing even more casino visitors. In addition, no other gaming machine in the world has so many incredible myths, rumors and legends about it.

But there are experts in the field of gambling and just experienced players who find Megabucks slot not worthy of such close attention. So who is right: fans or opponents of the gaming machine?

Operation principle in Megabucks slot

Classic version of IGT Megabucks slot is a 5-reel slot machine with 60 pay lines. To qualify for the progressive jackpot, the player must bet three dollars. There are a lot of stories (both truthful and fictional) from customer casino, when the jackpot had the combinations, but they did not get it because of no large bets.

After each draw progressive jackpot it is not reset completely, and begins to grow a certain amount. Recent years, it is $10 million. However, more often say that it should soon increase by one million.

The probability of winning the jackpot on the slot Megabucks

Reliable data on the probability of winning the jackpot on the slot Megabucks, oddly enough, does not exist. In some casinos say about one chance in 50 million, in the other one of 17 million. Whatever it was, fans of the gaming machine fly thousands of miles to try their luck.

But what is given to those whom fortune smiled? Whether it gets all of that huge sum, which blows advertising? If you win the jackpot, the events may unfold as follows. First of all, lucky person will receive a check for $1.4 million. Then the winner is given two or three months in which to decide how he wants to get their money. There are two possibilities: the amount is broken down into annual payments, which will be credited to the player for twenty-five years, or it can become the owner of a lump sum payment, which is 60% of the jackpot.

That is, winning ten million, the winner, who stopped at the second embodiment, by the hand receives only six. And then he still has to pay taxes. Needless to say, that almost all holders of jackpots from Megabucks prefer to receive your winnings in the form of annual payments.

However, in this case they have to pay taxes, and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is very strict for these monitors. So it will be deducted from an additional 40%, because such gains are taxed at a maximum rate. So when the next time you hear that someone has won ten million Megabucks slot on and immediately took all the money, you know - he got his hands on a little over three and a half.

Curse of Megabucks jackpot

As mentioned above, on the Megabucks slot and jackpot, there are many legends, mostly gloomy character. For the most part, they tell of the tragic fate of players who managed to thwart it. It is believed that almost all of them either die or suffer numerous ills. All this gave rise to talk about so-called "curse of Megabucks slots".

Of course, in this story is much more fiction than truth. But smoke without fire, and some winners, really, seriously injured after a win. In particular, there was a sad future life waitress Cynthia Jay-Brennan, who in 2000 won the Megabucks machine at the casino Desert Inn $34.9 million. Six weeks later he and his sister were hit by a drunk driver. Sister died on the spot, and Cynthia always remained paralyzed. Man sitting behind the wheel, put on twenty-eight years.

But rumors about the curse Megabucks distributed before 2000. Just this incident was widely covered in the press and forced to recall other similar events, which at one time became so resonant. In 2003, many media published articles about a 25-year-old player, who became the owner of the jackpot Megabucks, who either died of a drug overdose in a hotel casino, or was killed in a street skirmish. IGT's had to work hard to convince the public of the falsity of these statements.

We also know a lot of rumors about underage players and staff of different casinos, which won the jackpot on the slot Megabucks, but could not get it because of certain laws. But none of these legends has not received documentary evidence.

Many experts in the field of gambling believe that ITG has made the appropriate changes to the system Megabucks, because of which the jackpot playing less, but larger amounts. Although employees are assured that nothing like they do, it remains a very popular opinion.

Where can I play on slot Megabucks?

But most fans of slot machines and big jackpot is not afraid to curse Megabucks and willingly plays this slot. You can find it in almost all real casino on the Las Vegas Strip, as well as in other places in the states of Nevada, California, New Jersey, Mississippi and some Indian reservations. Each state has its own separate network slots Megabucks, and the biggest progressive jackpots are formed on it is in Nevada. In the other states are considerably smaller.

Why experts believe Megabucks slot bad?

Naturally, experts do not believe in the curse slot Megabucks, but this does not prevent them from considering this gaming machine is not worthy of attention. The fact that it is very disadvantageous for the player. First, it has an extremely high percentage of the house edge, which reaches 10-15% (for comparison, many slots in Las Vegas casinos are limited to 2-3%). Secondly, the procedure of payment of the jackpot exceptionally uncomfortable. Winner or loses 40% of the amount, or gets it for 25 years. But progressive jackpots on most other slots paid immediately and in full.

All of this suggests that the Megabucks slot machine is a slot mediocre who finds his popularity thanks to record payments and expertly organized PR-campaign.

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