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Among the world famous cheaters, hunted by cheating casino, there is almost no women. The reason is that in such machinations the fair half of mankind is usually used only to divert attention of the security from cheaters.

But sometimes in this world there are ladies who are both a swindler and protagonist in artfully played tricks. The most famous of them is Ida Summers called Fox from Vegas. In the sixties - seventies of the twentieth century, she broke the bank in casinos in Nevada as deftly and cleverly as the mother fox steals chicken coops.

Ida was very attractive and skillfully used it Dealers, pit bosses, managers and guards admired her beautiful face and surprisingly elegant figure forgetting about their duties. In addition, Summers was very sociable and could gain people.

She specialized in blackjack, starting with theft and spoofing cards. Once she had an opportunity, Summers hid card in the hand, and later used it in the game forming a winning combination. She had mastered this not original trick.

Later Ida used much more difficult and dangerous tricks. She learned to slip a whole deck or even a shoe where the cards are stacked in a special way from the dealer. Of course, doing this trick alone was nearly impossible, so Summers had several assistants.

She stole the deck, hiding it under the table. Ida then transferred it to one of her accomplices, a dense crowd around her. Some time later, she went away from the table, and her assistants adjusted it to the end. With this approach, it was very hard to prove the guilt of Ida not catching her hand.

I must say that at that time there was no known woman who would cheat successfully in the casino, so for a long time she was beyond suspicion. By the way, in those days, casinos in Las Vegas were controlled by gangsters, so that she would have a hard time if she was caught by them .

But Summers was caught by the FBI and Nevada Gaming Commission. However, she managed to avoid jail time. Whether the authorities had failed to prove her guilt in many games, whether she agreed to cooperate with them, or simply Ida could fascinate them, but she only got probation.

And her cheating career apparently ended.

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