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The current situation with the gambling business in Russia is quite dull. There are few legal casinos that can offer customers a proper service and visiting the underground facilities is still associated with risk and discomfort, even if they are trying to create the most comfortable atmosphere. However, certain positive changes do happen, and this gives reason to look to the future with optimism.

anyone Hardly doubts that sooner or later happy fans will be able to visit legal gambling houses without any problems again, and without traveling across half of our country. And it causes a question: will they be old-style casinos or new generation? We are talking about the level of service in particular.

It is no secret that few Russian casinos could boast of high quality service . Particular criticism is regarding a dealer. Of course, losing client is almost always dissatisfied with something, but we can not deny the fact that most dealers were not ready to work after a short training.

It's not even how good they run the ball, count payments or distribute cards. Skills can be improved throughout the career. The main problem is inability to communicate with customers. No one teaches them that. Recommendations are smile, less chat and no advices.

If we remember that in the nineties the most casino customers were people with a criminal past and present, these tips were quite reasonable. But times have changed, ashtrays almost do not fly in the hall, but cursing in the hall is already not everywhere.

Therefore, we need to change and teach the dealer to actively interact with visitors. In the end, the casino is part of the entertainment industry, so customers should be entertained. And all employees of gambling houses should participate in this process.

Nobody says that dealers should sing, dance and do tricks. Leave that to professional showmen, although under certain circumstances such a scenario can not be excluded. But they should not just be like shuffle machines, pneumatic roulette or button to call the waitress.

In a civilized casino, the croupier should not be the gray (blue, black, red - the color depends on the form) silent mass. Even if all dealers work at tables in the usual style, they can maintain their individuality and improve the quality of the service.

They should be able to keep the conversation neutral, as a joke, gently tell about innovations, make offers to interested customers and so on. If a visitor feels comfortable, they stay in the casino longer and happily return next time.

But we must be realistic and understand that reconstructing a dealer with years of experience is almost impossible. Many of them take players almost as personal enemies. Sincere and informal talk with such an attitude is not possible.

Therefore, a positive result can only be achieved if we achieve rethinking of management of the casino. But more about that some other time...

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