Numerous misconceptions about online casinos, firmly entrenched in the minds of gamblers who do not personally know casinos, do not allow them to experience at least this type of gambling and make them have their own opinions.

Where to Play Gamble Online for Money

First, we recommend a few online casinos with obvious advantages to the readers:

  • Operating legally,
  • Having good customer reviews,
  • Offering a huge selection of games,
  • Having professional support,
  • Providing exciting and beneficial bonuses, and so on.

The most important thing is that they can be trusted. They do not deceive customers, pay quickly, and care for players.

Fallacies about Online Casinos

In this article, we will try to dispel the fundamental misconceptions about online casinos to help all readers of Casinoz understand what they represent.

Casinos win because they deceive customers

This is a widespread opinion, and people who think like that are very hard to convince otherwise.

We agree that there are indeed fraudulent casinos that cheat visitors, but not all online casinos are like that.

Next, we will only talk about decent sites, initially suggesting you need to get around others.

hands grabbing casino chips

So, casinos earn at the mathematical advantage laid in almost all games. It comes into action in the long run, and casinos need many customers to provide a positive result. It is common knowledge that no one conceals, so this fact can not be considered cheating.

It is impossible to win at online casinos

Of course, you will not always win. Sooner or later, you will begin to play against the casino advantage we mentioned above. And you may not win in every single round. 

Many visitors leave the casinos with daily winnings; some even win huge jackpots.

How can you win more often in a casino? Here are a few tips:

  • Identify gambling games with the highest RTP (Return to the Player).
  • Master basic strategies for blackjack, poker, video poker, and other games where you can influence the outcome.
  • Read recommendations from experts on playing slots.
  • Learn to manage your bankroll properly in the casino.
  • Participate in free tournaments.
  • Don't pass up truly advantageous bonuses and promotions.

To understand the points listed above, thematic articles on Casinoz will help.

All online casinos are unfair

The random number generator determines game results. It would be better to call it a pseudo-random number generator, but determining how it works in practice is impossible, so we can say that it is unpredictable.

Reputable software manufacturers for online gambling clubs do not allow them to interfere with the RNG and invite independent experts to test generators.

misconceptions about online casinos

Everything depends on luck at internet casinos

This statement is valid only for specific categories of games, such as most slot machines or scratch cards.

In blackjack or video poker, you need to play according to the optimal strategy if you want to increase your chances of winning.

Tips on many games are in a special section of Casinoz.

Windy Farm video slot

Most online casino customers are gambling addicts

Unfortunately, gamblers are often addicts. But it would be fundamentally wrong to attribute all the customers of online casinos to gamblers. The vast majority of players safely control their passion and experience no problems.

However, we urge you to be very cautious. Do not underestimate the danger of gambling addiction!

All reputable clubs have a responsible gaming program in place. It provides various options:

  • setting deposit and loss limits,
  • blocking accounts,
  • enabling reminders,
  • seeking help from specialists, and so on.

Do not hesitate to use these tools and seek advice from experts.

But we recommend you be very careful in this matter. Casinoz has articles on recognizing the beginning of gambling addiction and preventing its development.

There are no high-quality web casinos

Something similar could be said in the late nineties when online casinos appeared. Then the best online casinos made tremendous progress, offering excellent services. In recent years, many reputable casinos created the most comfortable conditions for players from many countries.

Online casinos are illegal

All reputable gambling websites operate under licenses issued by government authorities in several countries:

  • United Kingdom,
  • Malta,
  • Curaçao,
  • Gibraltar, and many others.

In some post-Soviet countries, obtaining a license for online gambling is possible, although most major clubs register in the abovementioned jurisdictions.

There is no control over online casinos

Many users are concerned that they will not be able to achieve fairness if an online casino cheats on them. We recommend the most cautious players choose websites meeting the following criteria:

  1. They operate under licenses from authoritative regulators,
  2. They allow for audits by independent experts,
  3. They collaborate with organizations that mediate in resolving disputes with customers,
  4. They engage popular media outlets to cover their activities,
  5. They participate in major exhibitions and conferences.

This shows that the casino cares about its reputation.

Online casinos lack the atmosphere of land-based clubs

The main argument in favor of offline gambling clubs remains the belief that only there can you experience the true spirit of excitement. This statement is only partially true and becomes increasingly outdated each year.

Software developers and gambling operators are making the online gaming experience increasingly realistic. For example, if you desire live interaction, play at live casinos with real dealers.

Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, and other software providers have studios where real dealers work. Continuous streaming of the gaming process is conducted from these studios. Online casinos accept bets through a special interface, and the dealers determine the results of the games.

Live online casinos are developing and improving, becoming more attractive to customers.

Mobile casinos are primitive

Some gambling enthusiasts access the internet exclusively on smartphones. Due to busyness or other reasons, they do not have the opportunity to spend time in front of a computer screen. Mobile online casinos offer an ideal solution for them, but you may often hear the following opinion:

Mobile casinos offer old slots, mundane roulette, outdated blackjack, and many other disadvantages.

This person has not kept up with industry news for a long time. Modern mobile online casinos are in no way inferior to desktop versions. See it for yourself.

Casino bonuses are deceitful

Yes, not all bonus offers from gambling websites benefit customers. Of course, fraudulent online casinos still exist, created solely to extract money from the pockets of gullible users at any cost.

Yet, there are also plenty of honest clubs on the internet that provide players with substantial bonuses and have moderate wagering requirements. They offer promotions for new users and regularly reward loyal customers.

How to choose the best bonuses? Read reviews and thematic articles on Casinoz.

Should You Play Online Casinos?

Giving up something without experiencing it personally and expressing your opinion about it is unnecessary. This is true for everything, including online casinos. To speak authoritatively about their deficiencies, you must first try to see what advantages they may have. You may agree that online casinos have more pros than cons.

We'd like to know your opinion about online casinos.

Frequently asked Questions

🤑 Are all internet casinos fraudulent?

Of course, not. In gambling, there are hundreds of online casinos working legally and honestly. They hold licenses from reliable regulators, cooperate with independent auditors, and are ready to solve problems with customers with the help of third-party mediators.

👌 Are online casino slots fair?

It depends on the software and operator of the website. If you play on a slot by a famous provider at a reputable online casino, you can be sure that everything will be fair. 

👍 How can I find a fair online casino?

Read the reviews on Casinoz. You may choose one of the websites from the Top 10. Pay attention to the customers' reviews.

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