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Players' attitude to the dealer in the casinos of different countries and periods of history varies a lot. The players can handle the croupiers with reverence or openly despise and humiliate. However, if a casino visitor plays against the house, the dealer is considered an opponent whose goal is to prevent the player from winning and take his money away.

Let's try to understand if it is true.

Dealer Job Features

First, we must understand that croupier takes almost the same position in the casino as restaurant waiters. We mean that they offer the visitors something they don't produce.

  • They don't set the rules of the game.
  • They don't create giveaways.
  • They don't issue discount cards and so on.
  • They only lead the games, acting strictly according to the rules and regulations.

In most cases, they can not make decisions on their own.

On the other hand, don't think the dealers never can affect the outcome of the game.

For example:

  • A roulette dealer can break your efforts to follow specific strategies if he is professional enough to hit the right sector.
  • A blackjack dealer can cut more or fewer cards in the shoe, affecting counting efficiency.
  • Even poker players can be easily set off if you shuffle cards with excessive diligence.

When visiting a casino, you should not confront the dealers. Even if they can't affect the outcome, the comfort of your game depends on them. Even if you think a dealer is trying to beat you to show their superiority, do not forget that they do their job.

Dealers' Salary in New Zealand

Let's think of how profitable it is for the croupier to beat the player. Payment principles of dealers' work can be radically different in different casinos, even within the same city.

Some casinos stick to the rule that a dealer should work without the interest in a particular outcome.

They think that this approach will help the dealers be the most polite with the visitors.

Indeed, if the dealer earns a well-defined wage and tips on top, he doesn't have to worry about players' losses. The least responsible employees will only be concerned about how to please the customers as much as possible. Casino management understands that and introduces different types of motivation stimulus for the staff:

  • bonus;
  • rewards;
  • tips for achieving a particular result, and so on.

However, if a casino allows a dealer to take all the tips, it can be a significant income source. In such casinos, customers get the warmest greetings, so getting mad in such conditions is silly for a dealer. After all, they are interested in your victory no less than you are.

Do not wait for mercy if the dealers' paycheck includes a percentage of casino profits. In these conditions, only a part of the tips goes to the dealer (unless the casino takes it all). So, the dealers will do anything to beat you. Moreover, only a few of them manage to hide their joy of victory. Such a situation is typical for small provincial casinos.

Unlucky Croupiers

If you always play in one and the only casino, you may consider particular dealers unlucky. Every regular of a gambling house, no matter which side of the table he takes, can confirm that.

  • You may have no superstitions at all.
  • You can be a mathematician or statistic expert.
  • You can even be a professional blackjack card counter who knows all the insights of the game.

However, sooner or later, you will meet a dealer to avoid, as he will always beat you.

Should you demand the pit boss to change the croupier? You can try but be ready to get rejected. Some players change the table every time they see the unwanted dealer. However, it's not always possible.

What can you do? Keep playing and ignore the croupier.

Sooner or later, he will return the money. Believe my many years of experience working in the casino. It always happens. Any dealer meant to be a "lucky" one for the casino goes down one day. Sometimes, his loss is so colossal that it may cause trouble with the casino's management.

Just allow time, and you get back everything you've lost.

Types of Dealers

Some croupiers look like live shuffle machines. They monotonically lead the game, never smile, and minimize customer communication.

They are often tired of what comes with the job, but they are experienced dealers.

  • They were tired of cards and roulette a long time ago.
  • They don't care about anything happening in the room unless it directly affects their paycheck.
  • They treat all visitors equally, never giving preference to anyone.

However, you won't meet a lot of such croupiers. Most dealers have favorite visitors. And, of course, they are ready to create the most comfortable environment.

We don't mean violating the rules or regulations (although it may happen). The dealer can lead the game in a more or less comfortable format for the customer. This may affect the following:

  • Shuffle speed;
  • Duration of rolling the roulette ball;
  • Time for placing the bets, etc.

If you want to feel comfortable in the casino, never be rude to the croupier.

Remember, they are people, not machines. Of course, you will always have a temptation to blame someone else for your fault, but don't bring it on the dealer when the fortune turns away from you.


A friendly conversation with a professional croupier will make gambling more enjoyable and exciting. Please take it as an essential part of casino service. Playing in the casino, you pay for all provided services in a certain way. There is no need to lower the quality with your attitude.

Tell us about your experience with dealers in the comments. Readers of Casinoz who have been working as croupiers, pit bosses, or casino managers are very welcome to join the discussion.

Frequently asked Questions

👨‍💼 Can the dealer affect the outcome of the game in New Zealand?

Dealers act according to specific rules and can't make decisions on their own. Nevertheless, they can partly affect the outcome using indirect methods.

🍬 Should I make tips for the dealer?

It's up to you. There are no strict regulations or recommendations.

💲 Will the dealer get the tips you made?

Not all the time. Ask this question to casino management.

🤨 Does it make sense to argue with the dealer?

No. It creates a negative vibe and turns casino employees against you.

😎 Can a croupier be lucky or unlucky?

This is a superstition, but many believe in it.

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