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Fraudsters who use credulous and inexperienced fans of gambling to earn keep inventing new scams. Their schemes have become more attractive and more sophisticated. Silly fans of easy money may find such scams to be win-win situations, but they are intended only to make their pockets empty. One of such methods is discussed in the article below.

This review deals with the widespread offer to gamble at an online casino using other people's money and receive a certain percentage of the payouts. It is sent by e-mail. It appears on social networking websites. It is offered as a job on employment websites. Scammers usually create unpretentious sites to promote such frauds where they praise their "product."

We are not going to mention addresses of such sites. Firstly, we do not want to advertise them (even criticizing them). Secondly, scammers constantly close the old resources and launch new ones. This may occur once per several weeks or even a few days.

We just want to describe this scam and explain its principle. This will be enough to recognize it at first glance.

How Does It Look Like?

So, you have received an offer to play at an online casino for employer’s money without risking your own funds. It sounds really tempting. So, you decide to visit the offered site, which usually has the following features:

  • Standard enticing phrases: "Don’t stop till the casket drop", "Don’t stint yourself", "Easy money," etc.
  • Stories of success: "I earn a lot of money by gambling a couple of hours per day" or something like that.
  • Fake comments: "The author is cool", "Wow, it really works," and so on (try to add your comments and you will see what happens.)
  • Phoney warnings: "Do not be too enthusiastic", "Don’t give yourself away", "Get out as soon as you win a lot," and blah, blah, blah...
  • A description of the system: everything is extremely simplified, clear, and convincing. This is the so-called step-by-step guide for beginners.
  • A list of gambling houses: to be sure, the list of online casinos, which are recommended by authors of the offered technique, is available.
  • Video: video instructions are often attached. They make a strong impression on the inexperienced users.
  • Additional explanation: in particular, scammers almost always explain why they do not gamble themselves. You may come across different arguments: they are fed up with gambling; there is no time; they want to help others, and so on.

The other information designed to attract potential victims of the fraudsters can also be provided. Anyway, they focus on the fact that you risk nothing. They say that you will gamble betting their money, enjoy the gameplay, and earn.

How Does It Work?

Let’s imagine that you have taken in by this scam and decided to try your luck while playing at a casino for money provided by a stranger (which seems to be absurd). You will have to register with one of the mentioned establishments, where a certain amount will be deposited into your account (for example, a few hundred dollars).

It is also possible that you will have to complete fake training. Most likely, they will teach you to play roulette according to the Martingale principle or describe some other simple systems.

Then you will start playing, and, believe us, the Lady Luck will help you. This should make you believe that the system is working. However you will not receive money. The portal will block your account or you will find out that you have breached the terms of the contract (by the way, many users do try to cheat a fraudster.)

In general, it will turn out that this cooperation has been very fruitful and you will part with your new partner.

"It does not matter!" – you might think. I did not spend my money and I gained experience. Now I can try to apply it in practice betting my money. Then a newcomer starts depositing his or her funds and tries to act in accordance with the mastered scheme. However in this case, the good luck disappears in the magic way.

On What is the Principle Based?

In this way owners of fake or crappy casinos lure customers. Virtually anyone can create and run a script gambling site. It is not even necessary to have a lot of money.

Experienced users who are familiar with the world of online gambling can easily distinguish a reputable gambling house from a crappy casino. To be sure, inexperienced people can hardly do this, since such fakes often seem to be impressive and sometimes successfully imitate well-known portals.

Imagine that a fraudster has a dozen other similar sites and he or she can lure tens or hundreds of clients into each of them. They don’t have any chance to win a priori. Each deposit will increase a scammer’s fortune.

We hope that now you understand why such schemes are organized.

What Should You Do with such Offers?

The answer is obvious: nothing! You should not visit a site. However if you want to help, you can visit the resource and leave its address in the comments under this article. This will help other readers of Casinoz to avoid meeting fraudsters.

If you want to gamble a casino, take into account our reviews and ratings to select a gambling house.


What can we say to sum up? Well, only a stereotypical expression about a free lunch comes to mind. All schemes, which allow earning at casinos or offer easy money and can be found on the Internet, are frauds. There are no exceptions!

We can give one advice to most of our readers: play at casinos for fun, taking into account your true financial capacities!

Only a small percentage of gamblers are ready to do this professionally, since gambling requires training, practical skills, psychological stability, and a number of other abilities.

Be wise and gamble responsibly.

Write your opinion in the comments. Share your personal experience with us and tell other readers of Casinoz about other frauds to prevent them from becoming victims of fraudsters.

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