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Any experienced employee or regular client of casinos, slot halls or other type of gambling establishment knows that such institutions constantly have all sorts of suspicious characters who are attracted by large amounts of money. Some of them act as fraudsters and try to beat the dealer by dishonest methods. Others choose more secure way of fraud - scam of novice customers. We'll talk about the last ones.

It is interesting that on the one hand, the game in online casinos is much safer compared to offline establishments. If you prefer a site of the well-known brand, you will not become a victim of fraudsters. Founders will not do things like that and do not allow others to do them. However the most naive (and probably greedy) users manage to find themselves n trouble.

In several previous articles on the website Casinoz we have described various popular scams. Scammers sell ostensibly win-win game systems, offering to register accounts under certain conditions, juggling people out of their money and inventing other ways.

Recently, a new technique of cheating Internet users whose minds are occupied by the question "How to beat online casinos?" has gained popularity. Its developers also offer playing with the help of their strategy, but the method of getting money from victims invented by them is especially interesting. So let's find out what's what step by step.

Search for losers

At the time of writing the article there were already several dozen sites on the Internet, whose owners advocated the same system. There is no sense to list them all, because their list should be updated almost every day. Showed up in the black list e-mails are closed, and instead of them new ones are registered. Contact details are also constantly changing, and it is difficult to say how many fraudsters are engaged.

As an example, we can mention the site working-we-earn.ru. Fraudsters working under the names of Dmitry Latov ([email protected]), Dmitry Fedeev ([email protected]) and other individuals send possible victims to it. There is no doubt that the names are fictitious. They are looking for customers on job search sites, gambling forums and other resources.

On this site there is no contact information, but a section with fake reviews (try to add yours and you'll understand) and the description of the strategy of "genius" is available. According to the authors, it guarantees you a steady income in casinos.

How is it offered to play?

So, you have to play roulette using a certain bet system. First of all, its developers insist that the classic Martingale does not work, because all casinos have put protection against it. (However this method does not work even without additional "protection", which has been repeatedly discussed in the articles at Casinoz.)

Instead, the authors offer a modified version of doubling bets after a loss. You will need to use a coin. It will help you to select the color to bet, i.e. everything is extremely simple: heads - bet on black, tails - bet on red. A bet size is selected by the same Martingale. If you lose, you double it. If you win, return to the initial bet.

In general, we are assured that the coin will confuse the "cunning" algorithms of struggling with betting system supposedly embedded in online games, and the desired result will be provided by the traditional Martingale.

The completely crazy table is also added to the description of the system with taken out of the blue percentage on the probability of loss in each of the ten spins in a row. There is not sense in detailed explanation, but we should say that chances for victory in case of bets on black are always equal, because the results of the individual spins are unrelated. The statement when the tenth ball is launching the probability of winning increases to 99.8725% is a complete nonsense. 

The authors also provide readers with general recommendations on the bet size, duration of the game session, etc. All their advices do not have the slightest sense, because, in fact, the essence of the fraud lies elsewhere.

Let's move to practice

The key point of the scam lies in the fact that you will not play in the real online casino. You will be directed to some fake establishment. This can be a clone of the famous gambling site, a resource with a similar to well-known brand name or simply fictitious resource. Play-azart.ru or greatway-casino.net can serve as examples.

What happens next? First, you learn the methodology and test the system in free mode. Of course, everything is run perfectly, because the casino is a fake. Next, your newfound partner creates an account for you and deposit a significant amount into it (i.e. you risk nothing). According to the agreement, you have a few days to earn at least a certain limit, for which you are promised to receive a percentage of the winnings.

Of course, you succeed in everything. You play successfully, collect credits and begin to cherish the dream about the incredible life of a happy man with pockets full of money and a great deal of free time. The time of "salary" is coming, but instead of it you receive a letter stating that you will not get anything. Like, no offense, there are a lot of workers, it is impossible to pay them all. So for you it is enough to get invaluable experience. Use the moment as long as the system is not closed.

Further, taking into consideration comments on the forums, the majority of cheated players lose all credits remaining on your account with the motivation to punish fraudsters. But, as mentioned above, it is only funny money, which has no value. But then comes the decisive moment that determines whether the fraudster will be able to earn on his victims or not.

Some people suspect that something is wrong, search on the Internet and find out what is the essence of the scam. Others decide that now they will work for themselves, because they have already mastered the technique. They register an account with their own names, deposit their personal money and.... lose everything in a few spins. Somehow, now the system stops working...

Some people understand that the site is fraudulent and run with this strategy to real online casinos. But there they will most likely be disappointed. Of course, Martingale (even in modified form) may work for some time. But sooner or later a prolonged "black" band appears which leads to loss of all the accumulated credits.

What you should do?

The answer is simple:

Do not look for free lunches in places where they can not be found.

It is very difficult to earn playing in casinos (especially online). To succeed in this field, you need to have the skills and spend a lot of time on the game, monitoring bonus offers, tournaments, etc. In short, you need a comprehensive approach that takes into account a variety of circumstances.

If you are just a player, get pleasure from visiting casinos, improve your skills, and learn how to choose the most profitable games and bonuses, as well as just enjoy the process and be able to stop in time.

List of fake casinos

It has no sense to list names that fraudsters use. It is also useless to indicate showed up e-mail addresses. But it is necessary to make a list of the fake casinos which scammers use to send people. Probably some of them will soon be closed, but later on they may appear again on the Internet.

List of casinos

  • play-azart.com
  • greatway-casino.net
  • betwinn-casino.com
  • kgcasino.net
  • williambet.net
  • williambet.us
  • explosionbet.com
  • golden-bets.org
  • bellagio-casino.net
  • stormbet.net
  • winner-bet.net
  • black-red-casino.net
  • playstormbet.net
  • wpcasino.net
  • golden-bets.net
  • fortunepub.com
  • winn-palace.com
  • lucky-play.net
  • casino4aces.net

If you have information about such sites that are absent in our list, write about them in the comments. There you can leave names and contact details of scams, who are trying to involve you into such schemes.

At the end we want to call our readers for being prudent and cautious. If you are going to start a new game in the casino, make sure that it is an honest institution. Read reviews at Casinoz. Communicate with customer support. All this will help you to form an opinion about the site and its founders.

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