Space Evader
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Space Evader Review

The funny green humanoid who has become the protagonist of Space Evader has landed on a distant planet and it is not easy to fly away from it. He should pass forty-eight steps to find himself on board of his flying saucer. It will not be hard due to numerous traps set on his way to the spacecraft.

If you are able to accompany him to the starship within eight rounds, in each of which you may make from one to six moves, you will receive a payout in the amount of twenty-five thousand bets. However the less significant amount can be won even without reaching the destination point.

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Space Evader
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Users can play Space Evader at various online casinos running on the platform from Microgaming. You can either test it for conditional bets or start playing for real money at Crazy Vegas Casino. Readers of our site have the opportunity to play Space Evader without registration for fun.

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How to Play Space Evader

Space Evader is a free online arcade gamereleased by Microgaming.
The aim of the game is to accompany the protagonist as far as possible on his way that includes various sectors. There are forty-eight of them. They can be of the following types:

  • Continue (fields with a blue dot) allows users to keep playing if the attempts are still available.
  • Prize (fields with a multiplier) ensures the payout if you overcome this area. The payout is calculated by multiplying the indicated multiplier by the bet. Each Prize field cancels the previous payout, which from now on is calculated according to the new multiplier. The last Prize area is a flying saucer with the x25,000 multiplier.
  • Death (skull and bones) leads to the death of the protagonist if he stops on this field.

The user has eight attempts during the gameplay. He or she clicks on the button Roll. Then the number from one to six appears. It means the number of moves that can be made by a main character.
The game can be finished in one of three ways: the death of the protagonist if he stops on Death, use of all attempts and the victory in case of reaching the final goal.
It is possible to play Space Evader betting from fifty cents to ten dollars at Crazy Vegas Casino, so that the maximum payout reaches two hundred and fifty thousand.

Space Evader Bonus games

There are no bonuses in Space Evader.


Progressive jackpots are not provided in Space Evader

Space Evader RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Space Evader Interface

The main part of the screen in Space Evader is occupied by the playing field on which the main character is moving. There is an info line above it. The control panel with the following elements is available below:

  • Stake is used to select the bet size
  • New Game/Roll allows starting a new game and determining the number of moves
  • Rolls shows the available number of moves
  • Turbo On/Off allow either enabling or disabling turbo mode
  • Win shows the payout amount

If you want to speed up the protagonist, turn off turbo mode.

Mobile Compatibility

Should You Play Space Evader for Real Money in New Zealand?

The main advantage of Space Evader is an amusing gameplay. It is especially funny to observe for the first time how the protagonist is running around on the field, pulling out his blaster and getting into various traps. So, Space Evader is able to entertain you even in free mode.br /> The range of arcade games from Microgaming includes also Space Evader Gold, which has some additional features. Read the review of Space Evader Gold on the website Casinoz following the link.

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