Craps gambling

The gambling world is full of various prejudices, and we have repeatedly told about them in articles on Casinoz. But some games, like craps, have a lot of them significantly.

Below, we will tell you about the fascinating superstitions to help you better understand the behavior of many avid fans of this captivating game.

Prejudices about Seven

As you know, most players prefer to make the "right" bets in craps. If you do not understand what it is about, read our article about the "right" and "wrong" players.

Thus, for them, seven is a lousy number associated with losing.

It is also "fatal" to this game's fans of different betting systems. It is no wonder that many superstitions are connected with seven.

  • If at least one of the dice falls off the table, seven is necessarily winning seven in the next roll. However, it is believed that this can be avoided if the dealer gives you more time to throw the dice and changes them to a new set. For this reason, you often hear that a player needs the same dice.
  • If a shooter throws the dice, he can never buy chips at the table for cash. If at least one dice touches money, the next roll is seven.
  • Suppose the dice touch someone's hand, seven wins. that is why you can often hear at the table, "Hands up!" Many casino employees share this superstition, so they carefully raise their hands during a throw. At least, such a precaution protects them from possible charges.
  • If the table has at least one "wrong" player, it increases the probability of sevens. The more of them, the more dice will have seven points. (That's another reason to treat those who bet on the losing shooter unkindly.)
  • When the shooter throws the dice, never shout, "Seven!" Many players believe that dice can hear you and give you a seven.
  • If the dealer pushes you to the dice which formed seven points, you are not lucky.

Magic before throwing dice in craps, a girl blows on the dice

Common Craps Superstitions

Many prejudices are connected with the start of craps games and those who take dice for the first time.

  • If a woman is in the first position to throw for, she is lucky. Many players will gather at your table in a busy room once they find out that you first try yourself in a game. And they will all bet on the Pass Line if the shooter wins.
  • But if this is the first time for a man, do not expect support from other players. It is believed that representatives of a strong half of humankind should have some experience to become a good shooter.
  • Never open the table and never play alone - luck will not accompany you. At the beginning of the game, the dices are cold, and they should be heated. The more people are at the table, the faster and more successful it will be.

Other Craps Prejudices

In craps, many superstitions are connected with various other aspects of the game.

  • If you roll one of the numbers in craps, the next roll should be on Any Craps. It is believed that these numbers are in pairs.
  • Never scream: "Eleven!" Number eleven is usually suitable for most players at the table, but saying it out loud is unnecessary. The English word eleven is somewhat similar to seven ("seven"), so the dice can not hear you and may give you Seven. Eleven has the nickname "Yo."
  • Throwing dice, try to make them rotate as little as possible. The more times they turn over, the higher the chances of getting a seven.
  • If the player is lucky not to touch and talk with them, it may not scare away the good luck.

Of course, this is not a complete list of prejudices you may encounter while playing craps. If you know any of them, share them with us.

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