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One of the most popular subjects of discussions of slot machines (both online and offline) is the maximum bet. Often, you can hear gamblers arguing about how often you need to click the "Max Bet", and even if it's worth doing at all.

In our opinions at Casinoz, a common answer to these questions does not exist because everything depends on the type of slot you play. In this article, we will try to discuss the basic slots, analyze various game situations and give you recommendations.

If you do not know what the maximum bet is and how to do it playing slots, you usually need to press a "Max Bet button". Thus, you automatically bet the maximum amount of coins or credits allowed for that slot.

Let's take a more detailed look at the types of slot machines and the feasibility of placing the maximum bet on them.

Classic Slots

It's not always the best thing to place the maximum bet on classical slot machines, but it will often provide you with a certain benefit. Let's see the following example. In many slots, one and the same combination of symbols can be paid differently:

  • x1000 at a bet of 1 coin,
  • x2000 at a bet of 2 coins,
  • x5000 at a bet of 3 coins.

It does not take a math education to understand how profitable betting 3 coins on such slots is.

However, you will usually win a significantly increased payout by the maximum bet only if you land a high-value combination. So, it's up to you.

We should also mention "Buy A Pay" slots, which are preferable to play by the maximum bet.

They offer players 2 or even 3 separate paytables corresponding to a certain bet. You can win any of the biggest prizes if only you play by the maximum bet. Make sure you follow this rule.

If a slot you play pays directly proportional to the bet, then the bet choice is entirely up to you because there is no additional benefit in increasing it.

Slots with progressive jackpots

We have already discussed this type of slot machines in the "Slots with a progressive jackpot", so we won't dwell on them.

We should just note that the maximum bet is a must-have in this case because it guarantees the full amount of the jackpot in case of winning.

If you bet below the maximum and land the required symbols on the screen, you only get a small portion of the total pot.

In general, it only makes sense to play slots with a progressive jackpot to pursue the jackpot. If you do not believe in winning, choose a different slot with a lower house edge but more extra bonuses and prizes.

Slot machines with bonuses

It all depends on the specific rules of the game and the paytable for each slot.

The reason is, you don't always need to bet the maximum amount to win a jackpot on slots with bonuses. Before you start playing such a slot machine, make sure you carefully read the rules, and then set a proper amount of the bet.

Slot machines with multiple lines

Playing such slots, it is always better to use the maximum bet. In most cases, each additional coin activates an additional pay line.

Besides, the biggest jackpots are available only on certain lines that are active only when playing at the maximum bet. You lose a lot of opportunities playing at a lower bet.

5-reel video slots and slot machines

Such slot machines feature numerous variations, so giving specific advice for each of them is impossible. It is easier to list the conditions when you should make the maximum bet and when it is not needed.

Of course, you should do it if there is a progressive jackpot, paid in full only when playing by the max bet. Make sure you clarify this point. Many games allow to bet more than one coin per line, but its worthiness is questionable. In some cases, you better play by the maximum number of lines but bet according to your bankroll.

Multi-level slots

Multi-level slots are getting more and more popular in recent years. You usually get more benefits at every next level. Obviously, the further you make it, the better your chances of winning.

The rules are set by the slot developers and vary in every game. Quite often, a higher bet will speed up the process.

The conclusion is clear: if you have the proper financial capability, raise the bet to get a chance to play on the best terms.

Practical advice for slot players

Now a few recommendations for slot fans. This will help you better understand the situation when you should place maximum bets on video slots.

  •  Make sure you carefully study the paytable and Help to find out the return to player. If the RTP depends on any conditions, the producer will mention it.
  • If the maximum bet provides the most beneficial terms, but it's unaffordable for you, choose a different slot.
  • Don't play progressive slots if winning the jackpot is possible only by the maximum bet, and it's too high for you.
  • Don't get too excited about paid slot tournaments, which usually are beneficial for high-rollers (unless you are one of them).
  • Multi-level slots often encourage to raise the bet, at the same time, increasing chances of developing the gambling addiction. Remember your risks.

In other words, be smart and careful.


The key recommendation that can be given to slot fans regarding the size of the bet sounds like this:

Make sure you carefully study the T&C before playing the slot.

As soon as you make it, it's easy to understand whether you need to bet the maximum to win the entire jackpot and enjoy various bonuses. However, if you find a slot machine that definitely requires playing by the maximum bet, but you can not afford it, better look for similar slots, but with lower bets.

Frequently asked Questions

Should I always make the maximum bet playing video slots?

No. It often makes no sense.

Which slots are the best to play by the maximum bet?

Place the maximum bet when it gives you certain advantages or increases the RTP.

Should I play progressive slots by the maximum bet?

You often should, but not always. Study the T&C for each slot.

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