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A dialogue with an American dealer who was working in Las Vegas on one of the online forums inspired the author of this article to write it. When the advantages of this job were discussed, he was able to unhesitatingly tell ten reasons why he had chosen it. After that, an idea to compare these features with the peculiarities of Russian gambling appeared.

To be sure, we cannot lump together all gambling houses that have been available on the territory of the post-Soviet states. Among them, there are a lot of casinos where the dealers receive high wages and feel themselves socially secured. However we are going to talk about typical working conditions.

So, let’s compare arguments of the U.S. colleague and Russian features.


. In the United States dealers may earn up to one hundred thousand dollars per year. In Russian little-known gambling houses, employees may receive about ten thousand.

You do not need to study for a long time and pay for expensive training. 

It should be mentioned that in this respect post-Soviet countries have a slight advantage. It is no secret that many Russian casinos offer training for free, which is not observed in the United States. Any adult can (although some employees were only sixteen years old) come to a casino dealer school and earn a living with the help of his or her new job after one-month education.

Flexible Working Hours. 

Actually, dealers work in shifts, if necessary, they can replace each other, and so on.

Working hours. In U.S. casinos there is a half-hour rest period, obtained by a dealer after 1.5 hours of work. If we are talking about more or less reputable gambling houses in Russia, the situation is almost the same. However any dealer can probably recall days, when he or she could not even find a couple of free minutes.

Working Conditions

. In Las Vegas croupiers work in very good conditions. Everything that is necessary for convenient work is available: excellent ventilation that instantly removes cigarette smoke, optimal temperature, delicious food, etc. They practically do not face rudeness. As for the Russian casinos, everything seems to be less pleasant (however, there are exceptions).


. Tips often serve as the main source of income for U.S. croupiers. A separate article published on the portal Casinoz is devoted to nuances of giving a tip at the casino, so we are not going to provide such information in this review again.

Social Guarantees.

If croupiers are officially employed in the United States, they may have paid holidays, sick leaves, and so on. Meanwhile in Russia, most dealers are working unofficially, especially now, when almost all the casinos are illegal.

The U.S. dealer also told about the other less significant advantages. However the differences were clear, so any other comparisons were excessive. The difference is actually too obvious…

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