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Americans like all sorts of ratings, esteeming the best specialists in a particular industry. A popular form of just such organizations is called a Hall of Fame. It includes the best representatives of certain sectors of the industry, the most successful ones and those contributing to its development.

So, in 2003, Blackjack Hall of Fame was founded. It's office is located in the Barona Casino, San Diego, California. It includes the best players, experts and authors of best-selling books on blackjack.

History Hall of Fame began in late 2002 when twenty one candidate for this ranking were selected. Further, the organizers launched an internet voting, anyone could take part in. In January 2003, there was a special event called Blackjack ball where the results were announced and the Blackjack Hall of Fame had first seven participants.

In 2004, two more experts were added to the list, but they were chosen by professional players. And since 2006, new members were introduced only by the decision of its active members.

Blackjack Hall of Fame members

We will list members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame in chronological order, as they were included in the hall.


 Al Francesco - one of the founders of blackjack team that pushed Ken Aston to write "Big Player".

 Peter Griffin - a major expert on blackjack, a card counting system developer, the author of the popular "The Theory of Blackjack", which became a valuable reference for a generation of talented players.

 Arnold Snyder - a professional player, innovator and popularizer of blackjack. He first made public some subtleties that were previously available only to certain players (for example, the importance of shear card location near the shoe). Today he is the owner of perhaps the most influential forum on blackjack.

 Edward Thorp - a mathematician, scientist, author of the book "Beat the Dealer". He is often called "the father of card counting" because he first shared the strategy of blackjack, based on mathematical calculations. Many experts say that all existing systems of card counting are nothing more than variations of his method called Ten Count.

 Ken Aston - a very successful player, popularizer of the concept of team play. Ken won several courts against American casinos, defending the rights of card counters. The author of the book "Big Player", where he explained in detail many principles of successful blackjack game. He died in 1987.

 Stanford Wong - the world-famous player. The strategy Wonging is named after him. He is one of the first who won at shuffle machines.

Tommy Hyland - the organizer of the team players, holds the world record for the longest playing activity.


 Keith Taft - the inventor of the "golden" hands and brilliant minds who created a lot of high-tech devices that helped to win against casinos in blackjack.

 Mac Rubin - the player, the author of thematic publications in the edition "Comp City" with comprehensive information on the most profitable deals for customers at Las Vegas casinos.


 Julian Brown - a programmer who successfully uses computers to process and analyze blackjack statistics. He helped Edward Thorp to improve the Hi-Opt and Hi-Lo systems of card counting.

 Lawrence Revere - blackjack player and teacher who created the courses available to anyone who want to learn how to play good.


 James Grosjean - a professional player, casinos tried to sue him for card counting and using other techniques, although none of them violates the laws. He has won several lawsuits against casinos and the notorious organization Griffin Agency, thus creating a series of legal precedents. The author of the book Beyond the accounts with the recommendations of Grosjean friends.


 John Cheng - a former manager of the famous team of MIT. He became the prototype of Mickey Rosa in the movie 21.




 Roger Baldwin, Herbert Meyzel, Wilbert Canty and James McDermott - a group of players, known as "The Four Horsemen of Aberdeen." In the fifties, while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, they developed and published in the "Journal of the American Statistical Association" first working strategy for blackjack. However they did not have any precision equipment. Later, they published the book "Playing Blackjack to win: A new strategy for the game of 21."


 Richard Munchkin - multi-faceted personality, an expert in blackjack and backgammon, a film director, writer and producer.


 Darryl Perpos - a professional blackjack player and songwriter, famous in both arenas. He is also known for his charity work.


 Zeljko Ranogayes - the famous expert who is considered the most successful player. Starting with a bankroll of a few hundred dollars, he won millions in one game.


• Ian Anderson - the author of "Turning the tables in Las Vegas" where he described a variety of tricks in casinos.


• Robert Nersisian - a lawyer from Las Vegas who specializes in protecting the rights of players persecuted by casinos.

The Barona casino offers free accommodation, food and beverages to that all members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. At the same time it gives only one condition: never play for money on the table.

Detailed articles on all above mentioned experts will be published on Casinoz soon. You will find them by following the links.

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