Best Big slot tournaments 2021 (October)

Big casino pokie tournaments

New Zealand brick and mortar casinos have long been holding pokie tournaments. No matter how small or large the casino is, even pokie halls often offer this kind of opportunity to New Zealand gamblers. Along with the expansion of online gambling, this practice was picked up by online casinos. Now almost all the leading gambling sites hold big pokie tournaments.

Casino slot tounaments variations

In this subsection of Casinoz New Zealand, we discuss large-scale pokie tournaments consisting of several stages or stretching for a long period of time. Usually, they have large prize funds, and the list of winners may include dozens of participants.

Types of tournaments on slot machines

Casino pokie tournaments can be roughly divided into several types by specific criteria.

  • Time – long and short term;
  • Entrance fee – paid and free;
  • Prizes – money, comp points of the loyalty program, valuable prizes, bonus credits;
  • Video slots – on a single pokie, on particular thematic pokies or on any casino pokies;
  • Picking the winners – by max payout, by the total amount of wins and so on;
  • Access – for all New Zealand customers or selected club members;
  • Additional rules – additional purchases, multiple starts, etc.

Tournament format and T&C are usually discussed in the official press release on the casino's website. Reviews of the most exciting pokie tournaments are posted in a special section of Casinoz New Zealand.

Nuances of big casino pokie tournaments

Big tournaments stand out from average events due to particular features:

  • A long period of time;
  • Multiple stages;
  • Numerous winners;
  • Huge prize pool;
  • The entrance fee is required in most cases.

Usually, such events are timed to a memorable date or a holiday. They are announced in advance, powerfully promoted, and attract many users.

Features of online casino pokie tournaments

Tournaments at New Zealand online casinos are mostly the same as the ones carried out by land-based casinos. Real casinos can please New Zealand gamblers with fun things to do though: show program, free drinks, buffet, and so on.

However, gambling sites also have their advantages, which they use during pokie tournaments:

  1. Frequency – online casinos can afford to hold tournaments every day. They don't need to spend on extra staff, an increased number of customers, and so on. They just need to launch an event.
  2. Availability – online casinos often allow to participate in the tournament for free. If the T&C require an entry fee, usually it's not too high.
  3. No additional costs for players – no need to spend money on travel, accommodation, parking, etc.
  4. Results control – New Zealand players can check out the opponents' results in interactive tables. This allows them to adjust game tactics and strategy.

In order not to miss any interesting big pokie tournament, stay tuned in the reviews section.

Casino slot tournaments

How to win casino pokie tournaments in New Zealand?

A single strategy for winning pokie tournaments doesn't exist. Experienced New Zealand players take notes of all the nuances of the rules: duration, principles of picking the winners, their own bankroll, the way of the distribution of the prize fund, and so on.

During the tournament, they keep an eye on the opponents' results and, if necessary, change tactics. If they fall behind, they need to up the ante and play more aggressively. If they are in the list of winners, then play to hold the leading positions.

Read more about tournament strategy at Casinoz New Zealand.

Reviews of pokie tournaments

On this page, we usually post articles about big pokie tournaments, which take place in the famous online casinos. We offer the following contents:

  • Introduction – announcement;
  • Schedule – information about the date and time,
  • Tournament games – list of pokies included in the event;
  • How to participate – how to register;
  • T&C – general information about the tournament;
  • Prize fund – the total amount at the stake;
  • Payouts – way of the distribution of the prize fund among the winners;
  • Other tournaments – details of other special promotions;
  • Conclusion - conclusions;
  • Pros and cons - tournament's shortlists of advantages and disadvantages.

A shortlist of key features comes with each tournament review. New Zealand readers are welcome to write reviews, share their opinions, and talk about their achievements below the articles.


Large-scale pokie tournaments make gambling at the casino more exciting, and often more profitable. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to compete for a part of a massive prize pool. Follow the announcements of events at Casinoz New Zealand.